Miraloma Life Online – September 2017

  • September Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  President’s Update
  •  Neighborfest – Oct 28, 2017
  •  Update on Teresita Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
  •  Miraloma Elementary School: Morning Traffic Flow
  •  Nuthin But Muffin For Mutts
  •  Magical Oasis in our Neighborhood
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  Other Safety Tips
  •  Recreation and Park Department’s Response to Glen Canyon Fire Concerns
  • New Wheel Technology Quiets BART’s Screeching Rails
  • Announcements: SFPD Ingleside Community Meeting September 19 at 7PM
  • Announcements: Mt Davidson History Hike October 28, 1:00 PM

Miraloma Life Online – June 2017

  • June Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Los Palmos Garden Celebration
  •  Little Free Library Comes to the Los Palmos Garden
  •  President’s Update
  •  O’Shaughnessy Hollow Clean Up: Marietta Neighbors Reclaim Their Open Space
  •  Calling all HAMS (not the theatrical kind!)
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  New LED Street Lights for Miraloma Park
  •  About the MPIC Zoning and Planning Committee
  •  Blending SF Water: The SFPUC Meets with Miraloma Park Residents

Miraloma Life Online – May 2017

  • May Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Notice: MPIC Election
  •  Ray “Bones” Bandar – Miraloma Park’s Legendary Skull Collector Extraordinaire
  •  Over $68,000 to Miraloma Park’s Resiliency Initiatives!
  •  President’s Update
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  Thank you, Joanne!
  •  Miraloma Park Earthquake Drill is More than OK
  •  Shopping for Spring – The Zero Waste Way
  •  District 7 2017 Participatory Budgeting Winning Projects
  •  Ode to Colonel Bud – In memory of Bud Wilson

Miraloma Life Online – April 2017

  • April Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  President’s Update
  •  Board of Supervisors Votes 9-1 Against the Appeal of the Final Environmental Impact Report Certification to the Natural Areas Management Plan
  •  Miraloma Park Improvement Club Public Statement Board of Supervisors Hearing- Appeal of Final Environmental Impact Report Certification-Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan
    Feb 28, 2017
  •  NEED HELP/OK Sign Drill
  •  Mia Waller: New MPIC Clubhouse Rental Manager
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  From the Ingleside Police Station
  •  MPIC Letter to Mr. Angus McCarthy, SF Building Commission President
  •  Spring Cleaning – Time to Reduce!
  •  ..Calling All NERTS!
    …Guide Walk: Mt. Davidson!
    …Short Term Rental Application Notice
  • The San Francisco Civil Grand Jury Calls for Volunteers
  •  New: the Mayor’s Home Match SF Program Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development

Miraloma Life Online – March 2017

  • March Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Juanita Way Safety Meeting
  •  President’s Update
  •  We Need Your Vote: help to bring exciting Projects to Miraloma Park!
  •  Irene Poon and Charles Wong- Miraloma Park Artists
  •  The 5 Rs: Your Roadmap to Reducing Waste
  •  Letter to Asst. District Attorney Carwile
  •  O’Shaughnessy Hollow and the Disappearing Sign
  •  Weathering the Storms

Miraloma Life Online – February 2017

  • February Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Landslides and Power Outages Strike Miraloma Park
  •  Miraloma Moderne: Treasures in Our Midst
  •  President’s Corner
  •  Thank You, Dan Liberthson!
  •  Farewell, Angelina
  •  Patience is a virtue: persistence gets things done
  •  A New Year’s Resolution: Take the NERT Training
  •  Safety Tips from SFPD
  •  Press Release- San Francisco Forest Alliance Appeal
  •  Resilient Miraloma: One Block at a Time
  •  MPIC Finally Meets with SFMTA to Review Teresita Blvd

Miraloma Life Online – January 2017

  • January Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  2016 MPIC Holiday Party: Best Ever!
  •  MPIC Testifies at the Joint Planning and Recreation and Park Commission Hearing to Protect Mt Davidson Forest
  •  MPIC Wants YOU!
  •  MPIC’s Testimony at the December 15, 2016 Joint Hearing of the Planning Commission and Recreation and park Commission
  •  Update: Teresita Boulevard Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
  •  Safety Tip of the Month
  •  2016 NERT Year-End Report
  •  Volunteering is a Special Part of Jean Perata’s Life

Miraloma Life Online – December 2016

  • December Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Miraloma’s Sunny Style
  •  Resilient Miraloma Park Activates its “HUB”
  •  President’s Corner
  •  What is Participatory Budgeting?
  •  Do You Have an Idea to Improve Miraloma Park – There is Funding!
  •  Update from the MPIC Safety Committee
  •  MPIC Beginnings: the Holiday Tradition in Miraloma Park
  •  Los Palmos Community Garden Gets City Help
  •  My Encounter with a Real Pioneer
  • The Hungry Owl Project

Miraloma Life Online – November 2016

  • November Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  President’s Corner
  •  How Lupus Influenced My Life Choices, Part 2
  •  Picturesque Miraloma Park
  •  Bella Vista Way Block Party
  •  OK/NEED HELP Sign Drill: A Thank You Note
  •  West of Twin Peaks Central Council Resolution Calling for the Removal of Forested Areas from NAP and Implementation of the
    Maintenance Alternative for the Program
  •  SFSAFE Quarterly Meeting at the Clubhouse: Police Commissioner DeJesus Discusses the Search for the City’s New SFPD Chief
  •  I love Mt. Davidson
  •  How We Change
  • Morning Coffee with Neighbors
  • Announcement: Workshop on Public School Enrollment Process

Miraloma Life Online – October 2016

Correction to October announcements:
West Side Whimsy tour is on Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 1PM – not Oct. 9th
Mt. Davidson Hike is on Sunday, Oct. 9th at 1PM – not Oct. 2nd.

  • October Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Miraloma Elementary welcomes a new principal: Noah Ingber
  •  Miraloma Elementary School: Community Beginnings
  •  President’s Corner
  •  Cornerstone Trinity Baptist Church Celebrates Thanksgiving
  •  How Lupus Influenced My Life Choices, Part I
  •  The Woods of Mount Davidson/li>
  •  Conversation with a Neighbor

Miraloma Life Online – September 2016

  • September Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Be Part of the Miraloma Park Community!
  •  Looking Back: My 4 Years as MPIC President
  •  How We Help
  •  Mt. Davidson Forest and the Natural Areas Plan: Update
  •  Karaoke Returns to Miraloma Park!
  •  Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 150 Years
  •  Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) Notes
  •  MPIC Board Meeting of August 4, 2016
  •  Mt. Davidson History Stroll

Miraloma Life Online – June 2016

  • June Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Pure Joy Coming to Miraloma Park!
  •  Happy Birthday, Angelina! An Interview with 103 Year Old Angelina of Miraloma Park
  •  Miraloma Park Improvement Club Origins: The Search For A Meeting Place
  •  A Botanical Garden Without the Garden At the MPIC Clubhouse
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of May 5, 2016
  •  Money Matters: Plan Ahead to Increase College Financial Aid
  •  Undergrounding Utilities
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  Calling All St. John Grammar School Alumni!
  •  NERT News

Miraloma Life Online – May 2016

  • May Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  The Origins of the Miraloma Park Improvement Club
  •  Infrastructure Improvements in Miraloma Park, Continued: Do You Know Where the Nearest Fire Alarm Box Is?
  •  Cheese Boutique
  •  Notice: MPIC Elections
  •  Grow a Garden and Build Your Community
  •  Terrific NERT Drill!
  •  Money Matters: How to Get a Free Lunch
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of April 7, 2016
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  The Miraloma Park Residential Design Guidelines: Design Process for Exterior Home Remodels Explained

Miraloma Life Online – April 2016

  • April Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  An Update on Resilient Miraloma Park
  •  Glen Park Station: A Neighborhood Bar from Prohibition Days
  •  Community Safety Meeting, February 23, 2016
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of March 3, 2016
  •  AirBnB Fire (The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight)
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  How Much Do You Know About Miraloma Park?
  •  Locky Ransomware Virus Sweeps US Businesses*
  •  It’s April – poem
  •  Something Calls Out to Me – poem

Miraloma Life Online – March 2016

  • March Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  The MPIC and Your Community Need Your Skills. Please Help Out!
  •  Infrastructure Improvements in Miraloma Park
  •  The Park Salon
  •  Miraloma Park Emergency Preparedness Makes the Funding List
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of February 4, 2016
  •  To Spray or Not to Spray: Is this Really the Question?
  •  NERTs in Action at Miraloma Playground
  •  Do You Know Where Your Gas and Water Shut-off Valves are Located?
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  How Much do you Know About Miraloma Park?
  •  Come to the Cabaret!
  •  The MPIC is getting sociable!

Miraloma Life Online – February 2016

  • February Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  All Miraloma Park Residents – Crime Prevention Presentation
  •  A note from Robert Gee, MPIC President
  •  Little Dog Lost: A Christmas Miracle
  •  Update on the Affordable Housing Bonus Program
  •  Resiliency in Miraloma Park
  •  Mia’s Beauty Spa: New Kid on More than One Block
  •  From the MPIC Safety Committee
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of Jan 7, 2016
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  SF Safe Medicine Disposal Program
  •  Poetry by Miraloma Elementary School Students

Miraloma Life Online – January 2016

  • January Miraloma Life (pdf)

  • Dear Miraloma Park Residents

  • MPIC 2015 Holiday Potluck Park a Huge Success!

  • What’s Trending?

  • Money Matters: Making Good on Resolutions

  • Summary of MPIC Board Meeting of Dec 3, 2015

  • FREE Disaster Preparedness Training in Miraloma

  • What’s Growing in our Backyards

  • Kids Corner: The Secret Circus

Miraloma Life Online – December 2015

  • December Miraloma Life (pdf)

  • President’s  Report

  • Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton?

  • What’s Growing in our Backyards?

  • Summary of MPIC Board Meeting of Nov 5, 2015

  • Miraloma Park Crimes in Oct 2015

  • Where and How Long to Keep Documents and When to Toss Them

  • The Perfect Shadow (poem)

Miraloma Life Online – November 2015

  • November Miraloma Life (pdf)

  • President’s  Report

  • George     Davidson:     Pioneer  West   Coast  Scientist

  • MPIC  Fall     Festival:     A  Big  Hit

  • We  Have  a  Team!

  • Quality  of  Life  in   Miraloma  Park

  • Glen  Park     Hardware—   Not  a  Dying  Breed

  • Preparation  for   Winter  Rains

  • Money  Matters:   Five  Things  to  Do   Ahead  of     Retirement

Miraloma Life Online – October 2015

  • October Miraloma Life (pdf)
  • San  Francisco’s  Private  Clubs:  A  Rich  History  of  Patricians  and  Plebians
  • Reflections on Living With Lupus and Hiking the Inca Trail
  • Money Matters: Am I Ready for Retirement?
  • What’s Growing in Our Backyards?
  • Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of September 3, 2015
  • The Environmental Impact of Cigarette Butt Waste
  • Callling All Nerts!


Miraloma Life Online – September 2015

  • September Miraloma Life (pdf version)
  • Come One, Come All to The MPIC Fall Festival!
  • Recap of the Teresita Boulevard Traffic Calming Summit
  • Meet Your Neighbor: Miraloma Elementary!
  • June 18 Election and Drought Presentation
  • Are You Ready?
  • What’s Growing in Our Backyards?
  • Summary of the MPIC Board Meetings of June 4 and August 6, 2015
  • Planning and Development Issues
  • Miraloma Elementary School Traffic Plan
  • Safety Matters
  • Summary of Correspondence Sent by the MPIC Board
  • Youth Guidance and the Success Center


Miraloma Life Online – June 2015


  • Thriving in an Era of Drought: A Night of Empowerment in the Face of Change Plus the MPIC Annual Election
  • From the President’s Desk
  • Honoring the People of Nepal by Action and Support
  • From the MPIC Safety Committee
  • America’s Military Mission: 70 Years Out-of-Date
  • About SF SAFE
  • The New Lab at Miraloma Elementary
  • Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of May 7, 2015
  • Leaf Season: Miraloma Park


Miraloma Life Online – May 2015

  • May 2015-MiralomaLife (pdf version)
  • Miraloma Park History: The 36-Teresita Bus Route
  • Teresita Traffic Safety
  • Money Matters – Financial Lessons from NERT
  • AirBnB: Sharing Redefined
  • Meet the 6% in Miraloma Park
  • What We Don’t Know
  • NERT Trainings Coming Up
  • West Nile Virus Prevention and Mosquito Control
  • The Stanford Heights Cage


Miraloma Life Online – April 2015

  • April 2015-MiralomaLife (pdf version)
  • An Interview with Miraloma Elementary Principal Sam Bass
  • Resiliency
  • Don’t be Fooled by IRS Phone Scams
  • MPIC Bids Farewell to Board Members Thad Sauvain and Carl Schick
  • Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of March 5, 2015
  • Proposed Changes to the MPIC Bylaws
  • District 7 Participatory Budgeting
  • Money Matters: Which IRA?
  • What’s Growing in our Backyards?
  • Thank you to our Del Vale Residents!


Miraloma Life Online – March 2015

  •  March 2015-MiralomaLife (pdf version)
  • High-level SF Officials Meet Residents at February 7 MPIC Safety Event
  • Bistro Le P’tit Laurent: A Piece of Paris in Glen Park
  • Update: Crosswalk at Del Vale and O’Shaughnessy Boulevard
  • Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of February 5, 2014
  • Ingredients to Become a 401(k) Millionaire
  • Maintaining Property Values and Protecting Our Environment
  • What’s Growing in Our Backyards?
  • Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) Training Coming to Miraloma Park!
  • Leave a Legacy
  • The Miraloma Park Commute
  • Event Notice