Miraloma Life Online – September 2017

  • September Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  President’s Update
  •  Neighborfest – Oct 28, 2017
  •  Update on Teresita Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
  •  Miraloma Elementary School: Morning Traffic Flow
  •  Nuthin But Muffin For Mutts
  •  Magical Oasis in our Neighborhood
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  Other Safety Tips
  •  Recreation and Park Department’s Response to Glen Canyon Fire Concerns
  • New Wheel Technology Quiets BART’s Screeching Rails
  • Announcements: SFPD Ingleside Community Meeting September 19 at 7PM
  • Announcements: Mt Davidson History Hike October 28, 1:00 PM

Miraloma Life Online – June 2017

  • June Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Los Palmos Garden Celebration
  •  Little Free Library Comes to the Los Palmos Garden
  •  President’s Update
  •  O’Shaughnessy Hollow Clean Up: Marietta Neighbors Reclaim Their Open Space
  •  Calling all HAMS (not the theatrical kind!)
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  New LED Street Lights for Miraloma Park
  •  About the MPIC Zoning and Planning Committee
  •  Blending SF Water: The SFPUC Meets with Miraloma Park Residents

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Miraloma Park residents are welcomed to attend the monthly MPIC meetings.

Miraloma Park residents are welcomed to attend the monthly MPIC meetings. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month except July. They start at 7 PM and are held at the MPIC Clubhouse on 350 O’Shaughnessy Boulevard. The next two MPIC meetings will start with the following guest speakers. Discussion of regular MPIC matters follow the guest speakers.

June 1, 2017
Guest speaker Suzanne Gautier of SF Public Utilities Commission will speak about the SF Ground Water Project. Come learn about the program on mixing of drinking water from Hetch Hetchy with local ground water. Time for Q&A will follow.

Miraloma Life Online – May 2017

  • May Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Notice: MPIC Election
  •  Ray “Bones” Bandar – Miraloma Park’s Legendary Skull Collector Extraordinaire
  •  Over $68,000 to Miraloma Park’s Resiliency Initiatives!
  •  President’s Update
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  Thank you, Joanne!
  •  Miraloma Park Earthquake Drill is More than OK
  •  Shopping for Spring – The Zero Waste Way
  •  District 7 2017 Participatory Budgeting Winning Projects
  •  Ode to Colonel Bud – In memory of Bud Wilson

Miraloma Life Online – April 2017

  • April Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  President’s Update
  •  Board of Supervisors Votes 9-1 Against the Appeal of the Final Environmental Impact Report Certification to the Natural Areas Management Plan
  •  Miraloma Park Improvement Club Public Statement Board of Supervisors Hearing- Appeal of Final Environmental Impact Report Certification-Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan
    Feb 28, 2017
  •  NEED HELP/OK Sign Drill
  •  Mia Waller: New MPIC Clubhouse Rental Manager
  •  MPIC Safety Committee Update
  •  From the Ingleside Police Station
  •  MPIC Letter to Mr. Angus McCarthy, SF Building Commission President
  •  Spring Cleaning – Time to Reduce!
  •  ..Calling All NERTS!
    …Guide Walk: Mt. Davidson!
    …Short Term Rental Application Notice
  • The San Francisco Civil Grand Jury Calls for Volunteers
  •  New: the Mayor’s Home Match SF Program Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development

Miraloma Life Online – March 2017

  • March Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Juanita Way Safety Meeting
  •  President’s Update
  •  We Need Your Vote: help to bring exciting Projects to Miraloma Park!
  •  Irene Poon and Charles Wong- Miraloma Park Artists
  •  The 5 Rs: Your Roadmap to Reducing Waste
  •  Letter to Asst. District Attorney Carwile
  •  O’Shaughnessy Hollow and the Disappearing Sign
  •  Weathering the Storms

Miraloma Life Online – February 2017

  • February Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Landslides and Power Outages Strike Miraloma Park
  •  Miraloma Moderne: Treasures in Our Midst
  •  President’s Corner
  •  Thank You, Dan Liberthson!
  •  Farewell, Angelina
  •  Patience is a virtue: persistence gets things done
  •  A New Year’s Resolution: Take the NERT Training
  •  Safety Tips from SFPD
  •  Press Release- San Francisco Forest Alliance Appeal
  •  Resilient Miraloma: One Block at a Time
  •  MPIC Finally Meets with SFMTA to Review Teresita Blvd

Miraloma Life Online – January 2017

  • January Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  2016 MPIC Holiday Party: Best Ever!
  •  MPIC Testifies at the Joint Planning and Recreation and Park Commission Hearing to Protect Mt Davidson Forest
  •  MPIC Wants YOU!
  •  MPIC’s Testimony at the December 15, 2016 Joint Hearing of the Planning Commission and Recreation and park Commission
  •  Update: Teresita Boulevard Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
  •  Safety Tip of the Month
  •  2016 NERT Year-End Report
  •  Volunteering is a Special Part of Jean Perata’s Life

Miraloma Life Online – December 2016

  • December Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Miraloma’s Sunny Style
  •  Resilient Miraloma Park Activates its “HUB”
  •  President’s Corner
  •  What is Participatory Budgeting?
  •  Do You Have an Idea to Improve Miraloma Park – There is Funding!
  •  Update from the MPIC Safety Committee
  •  MPIC Beginnings: the Holiday Tradition in Miraloma Park
  •  Los Palmos Community Garden Gets City Help
  •  My Encounter with a Real Pioneer
  • The Hungry Owl Project

Miraloma Life Online – November 2016

  • November Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  President’s Corner
  •  How Lupus Influenced My Life Choices, Part 2
  •  Picturesque Miraloma Park
  •  Bella Vista Way Block Party
  •  OK/NEED HELP Sign Drill: A Thank You Note
  •  West of Twin Peaks Central Council Resolution Calling for the Removal of Forested Areas from NAP and Implementation of the
    Maintenance Alternative for the Program
  •  SFSAFE Quarterly Meeting at the Clubhouse: Police Commissioner DeJesus Discusses the Search for the City’s New SFPD Chief
  •  I love Mt. Davidson
  •  How We Change
  • Morning Coffee with Neighbors
  • Announcement: Workshop on Public School Enrollment Process

Miraloma Life Online – October 2016

Correction to October announcements:
West Side Whimsy tour is on Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 1PM – not Oct. 9th
Mt. Davidson Hike is on Sunday, Oct. 9th at 1PM – not Oct. 2nd.

  • October Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Miraloma Elementary welcomes a new principal: Noah Ingber
  •  Miraloma Elementary School: Community Beginnings
  •  President’s Corner
  •  Cornerstone Trinity Baptist Church Celebrates Thanksgiving
  •  How Lupus Influenced My Life Choices, Part I
  •  The Woods of Mount Davidson/li>
  •  Conversation with a Neighbor

Miraloma Life Online – September 2016

  • September Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Be Part of the Miraloma Park Community!
  •  Looking Back: My 4 Years as MPIC President
  •  How We Help
  •  Mt. Davidson Forest and the Natural Areas Plan: Update
  •  Karaoke Returns to Miraloma Park!
  •  Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 150 Years
  •  Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) Notes
  •  MPIC Board Meeting of August 4, 2016
  •  Mt. Davidson History Stroll

Miraloma Life Online – June 2016

  • June Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  Pure Joy Coming to Miraloma Park!
  •  Happy Birthday, Angelina! An Interview with 103 Year Old Angelina of Miraloma Park
  •  Miraloma Park Improvement Club Origins: The Search For A Meeting Place
  •  A Botanical Garden Without the Garden At the MPIC Clubhouse
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of May 5, 2016
  •  Money Matters: Plan Ahead to Increase College Financial Aid
  •  Undergrounding Utilities
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  Calling All St. John Grammar School Alumni!
  •  NERT News

Miraloma Life Online – May 2016

  • May Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  The Origins of the Miraloma Park Improvement Club
  •  Infrastructure Improvements in Miraloma Park, Continued: Do You Know Where the Nearest Fire Alarm Box Is?
  •  Cheese Boutique
  •  Notice: MPIC Elections
  •  Grow a Garden and Build Your Community
  •  Terrific NERT Drill!
  •  Money Matters: How to Get a Free Lunch
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of April 7, 2016
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  The Miraloma Park Residential Design Guidelines: Design Process for Exterior Home Remodels Explained

Miraloma Life Online – April 2016

  • April Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  An Update on Resilient Miraloma Park
  •  Glen Park Station: A Neighborhood Bar from Prohibition Days
  •  Community Safety Meeting, February 23, 2016
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of March 3, 2016
  •  AirBnB Fire (The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight)
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  How Much Do You Know About Miraloma Park?
  •  Locky Ransomware Virus Sweeps US Businesses*
  •  It’s April – poem
  •  Something Calls Out to Me – poem

Miraloma Life Online – March 2016

  • March Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  The MPIC and Your Community Need Your Skills. Please Help Out!
  •  Infrastructure Improvements in Miraloma Park
  •  The Park Salon
  •  Miraloma Park Emergency Preparedness Makes the Funding List
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of February 4, 2016
  •  To Spray or Not to Spray: Is this Really the Question?
  •  NERTs in Action at Miraloma Playground
  •  Do You Know Where Your Gas and Water Shut-off Valves are Located?
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  How Much do you Know About Miraloma Park?
  •  Come to the Cabaret!
  •  The MPIC is getting sociable!

Miraloma Life Online – February 2016

  • February Miraloma Life (pdf)

  •  All Miraloma Park Residents – Crime Prevention Presentation
  •  A note from Robert Gee, MPIC President
  •  Little Dog Lost: A Christmas Miracle
  •  Update on the Affordable Housing Bonus Program
  •  Resiliency in Miraloma Park
  •  Mia’s Beauty Spa: New Kid on More than One Block
  •  From the MPIC Safety Committee
  •  Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of Jan 7, 2016
  •  What’s Growing in Our Backyards
  •  SF Safe Medicine Disposal Program
  •  Poetry by Miraloma Elementary School Students

Miraloma Life Online – January 2016

  • January Miraloma Life (pdf)

  • Dear Miraloma Park Residents

  • MPIC 2015 Holiday Potluck Park a Huge Success!

  • What’s Trending?

  • Money Matters: Making Good on Resolutions

  • Summary of MPIC Board Meeting of Dec 3, 2015

  • FREE Disaster Preparedness Training in Miraloma

  • What’s Growing in our Backyards

  • Kids Corner: The Secret Circus

Miraloma Life Online – December 2015

  • December Miraloma Life (pdf)

  • President’s  Report

  • Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton?

  • What’s Growing in our Backyards?

  • Summary of MPIC Board Meeting of Nov 5, 2015

  • Miraloma Park Crimes in Oct 2015

  • Where and How Long to Keep Documents and When to Toss Them

  • The Perfect Shadow (poem)

Miraloma Life Online – November 2015

  • November Miraloma Life (pdf)

  • President’s  Report

  • George     Davidson:     Pioneer  West   Coast  Scientist

  • MPIC  Fall     Festival:     A  Big  Hit

  • We  Have  a  Team!

  • Quality  of  Life  in   Miraloma  Park

  • Glen  Park     Hardware—   Not  a  Dying  Breed

  • Preparation  for   Winter  Rains

  • Money  Matters:   Five  Things  to  Do   Ahead  of     Retirement

Miraloma Life Online – October 2015

  • October Miraloma Life (pdf)
  • San  Francisco’s  Private  Clubs:  A  Rich  History  of  Patricians  and  Plebians
  • Reflections on Living With Lupus and Hiking the Inca Trail
  • Money Matters: Am I Ready for Retirement?
  • What’s Growing in Our Backyards?
  • Summary of the MPIC Board Meeting of September 3, 2015
  • The Environmental Impact of Cigarette Butt Waste
  • Callling All Nerts!


Miraloma Park Improvement Club to partner with the SF Fire Department: NERT Training

As a result of the Resilient Miraloma Park planning process, the Miraloma Park Improvement Club is proud to partner with the SF Fire Department and Cornerstone Trinity Baptist Church in sponsoring the first Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) Training in our neighborhood since 2008.

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