Topic: Two dead birds found

This past Sunday, September 27, two dead birds (appeared to be sparrows) were found around the same vicinity in Sherwood Forest on Dalewood Way right across from Mount Davidson. One was in our side yard, and in front of another house about five houses away. Both did not appear to have any evidence of trauma. According to the California Department of Public Health, it is unusual to find more than one bird in this condition.

If you do come across a bird that appears to have died within the last 24 hours, please use gloves and pick up with a shovel and put into a plastic bag, then report here. They responded within 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, by the time I reported it on Monday morning, the bird's eyes were sunken in which is a sign that the carcass was too dry to test for any disease. If the eyes aren't sucken in, a local agency will pick up the bird carcass for testing. However, the death of the two birds will be recorded in the local records.

Note there have not been any recent cases of west nile in San Francisco. The representative from the Department of Public Health indicated that the birds could be dying from a different disease, not necessarily west nile virus. Thanks.